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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11, the fbi is investigating the san bernardino massacre as an act of terrorism, and we're learning more about the couple who carried out the deadly attack. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm adam longo. >> we're getting our first look at the wife, tashfeen malik and we no very little about this pakistani born, saudi raised who came to america two years ago on a fiancee visa.
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what do you know? >> still no motive for this attack. the fbi stresses it's still early in their in fact. they still have a lot loose ends. that doesn't fit into the typical packaging if you will, the stockpile of weapons that went unused. the location of the attack, the 6-month-old child the couple left behind. while there are some consistencies with terrorism, the fbi says at this point there are no concrete links to an international terrorist group. >> finally, a face to put with the name tashfeen malik who police say along with her husband syed farook shot and killed 14 people and injured 21 more. >> the family just knew her as -- you know, she was caring. she was soft spoken, it was very basic information what they've seen of her. >> she was like a typical housewife. >> what authorities say she did wednesday was anything but typical. minutes before the ted deadly shooting rampage she pled
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couple's allegiance to isis. that fbi investigation includes cell phones the couple tried to destroy but authorities are salvaging, plus communication. >> we have no indication these two are part of a larger group. >> counter terrorism analyst said an attack coordinated be an international terrorist outfit would have likely targeted a busier location. >> isis is very happy to take credit for this kind of attack but for them to say they planned this attack does not seem credible to me at this juncture. people in syria are not trying to shoot up community centers in the suburbs of california. >> there's never been any evidence that either of the two alleged shooters were aggressive, had extremist views. >> attorneys for farook's family says the family's shocked including farook's sister. >> no, there was nothing.
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he was normal. their conduct was normal. >> he was a very isolated introverted individual with really no friends that we could identify. >> meanwhile, authorities try to identify a category for this massacre, international terrorism, workplace violence, a combination of the two or something else. >> remember, folks, we're in day three. we'll get there. we're not there yet. >> the fbi says they are monitoring someone who bought the two rifles used in the attack. it's unclear what his relationship to the couple was or that he knew the weapons would be used for the attack. that person is not in custody. >> here's an interesting note, syed farook's brother served in the u.s. navy from 2003 to 2007 and earned medals for fighting global terrorism. in silver spring tonight there was light to fight the darkness, the council on american islamic relations held a vigil to remember the victims of the california shootings and to condemn those who carried out the attack.
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the council is the largest muslim civil rights and advocacy group in the united states. >> on the campaign trail presidential candidates not holding back their feelings about gun control after the mass shooting in california. >> shooting after shooting after shooting occurs in so- called gun-free zones. look, if you're a lunatic, ain't nothing better to have a bunch of targets you know are going to have unarmed. >> we need bomb control because these people were building bombs. we need terrorist control. >> part of that strategy, i'm just going to say this again, i've been talking about it for the last few days is to try to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on guns in our country. >> lawmakers yesterday blocked a bill that would have toughened existing background checks and prevented people on the no fly list from buying guns all for gop senators
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running for president. marco rubio ted cruz, and rand pall voted against the measure. the back and forth over gun control prompted the new york times to do something it hasn't done in almost 100 years, that's run an editorial on its front page. the headline, the gun epidemic. the editorial calls the proliferation of guns in this country a moral outrage and a national disgrace, the last front page editorial in the paper was back in 1920. right now a montgomery county police officer is still in a battle to survive after being hit by a suspected drunken driver. 24-year-old noah leota pulled over a car on rockville pike and edmonson drive around 9:ha last night. as he stood outside his cruiser- hit by a honda driven by luis ralusco. he did stay on the scene and charges are pending. police in aberdeen maryland say they've arrested a second
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person in connection with the shooting of one of their officers. no word yet on who it is and what those charges are, but earlier today police arrested 21-year-old tyler scott testerman, and police say he's the one who fired a shotgun overnight at officer jason eastin. >> we've identified him as the trigger man in this incident, so we are looking at him for the injuries sustained to our officer. >> officer easton was hit in the face with several shotgun pellets. he's underwent surgery. easton was shot while responding to a call for suspicious activity and they say testerman ran. s.w.a.t. teams tracked him to his girlfriend's home, and when they surrounded the place he surrendered. new information following a gun scare. students go back to the building on monday. they're going to find new security measures in place. this after a student brought a gun to school on tuesday, carried it around most of the
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day undetected. we got a copy of the e-mail. garrett's live outside the high school to talk about the changes meant to keep students safe. a lot of people in awe that this gun was able to get into the building in the first place. >> reporter: mpd detectives are still investigating how this teenage student was able to get a handgun, pass the metal detectors. tonight the school says they're not waiting for that investigation to be complete before deciding to step up their security measures. >> the discovery of a handgun in a student's backpack on tuesday alarmed students and parents alike at d. c.'s largest high school. >> this is not, you know, typical certainly for -- even for wilson, even though it's a big urban high school. >> a math classroom mpd officers arrested the juvenile male student who allegedly brought the gun and slipped it into another student's backpack. the school and the district immediately began a security review to address several key
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questions. >> there's a lot of kids that come in and out of this building. are there enough people there in the morning. >> that answer appears to have been no. on monday students will find several changes including added security staff to run metal detectors and to help watch the building's 50 doors. an additional police officer will also assigned to the schools. crews repaired several doors to make sure they lock properly, and students won't be allowed in the building unescorted before 8 a.m. or after 3:45 p.m. at which time security will sweep the school for anything that shouldn't be there. >> reporter: there are security cameras all around the school building, one additional step the school says it will be taking is to make sure all of those cameras have the best possible view of all of those doors and to make sure they have someone available to actually watch all of that video. reporting live at wilson high
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school garrett hauge wusa9. new tonight at 11, someone is in custody suspected in a series of taxicab holdups, and d. c. police tell us that suspect was arrested yesterday, and he is facing charge, but they won't release a name or an age because he is a juvenile. police say he held up tab by's six times in six days last week, and all of the armed robberies happened in southeast. a fine finish to the workweek, now chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking if this great weather will stretch into our weekend. what say you? >> tomorrow's going to be great. we're looking at temperatures cold to start. let's talk about this. this is the futurecast, 7:00 tomorrow. we got 32 in gaithersburg, 31 in frederick. 33 in silver spring. 32 in fairfax. if you get up early it's going to be in the low 30s. by 1:00 we're 50 downtown, 50 in leesburg, 51 in dale city. the good news about tomorrow,
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besides it's pure sun, not much wind. much like today this 52, 53 degrees will feel more like 60. by the time we get into the 5:00 hour, temps start falling. temps are going to fall like a stone tomorrow night. in fact we're looking at temperatures in the 40s already, 45 in gaithersburg, 48 downtown, and that's just at 5:00. everybody if you catch an early movie it will be in the 30s before you arrive home. we'll come back and tell you if it's going to last through sunday. we'll talk about what number i'm picking for tomorrow. only on 9 tonight we're hearing from the montgomery county woman who stopped a run away ferry from racing down the potomac. it was packed with people and cars. >> they certainly didn't want to be stuck in the water. >> whites ferry broke free from its cable this afternoon while transporting a dozen cars and more people across the potomac. our matt yuris caught up with
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the local hero. >> everything looks quiet now. the ferry over my right shoulder had broken from its cable no bigger than 3 or 4 inches thick and swept down the river until one person came and saved the day. >> i knew something was wrong and it was picking up speed. it was going fast. that current is strong. >> the ferry's captain maneuvered it into the bank and yelled for katherine. >> i went up to the ferry, and he said please hurry. can you help me. >> the captain tossed her a rope. she could feel the vessel getting pulled further downstream with children and cars on board. >> i wrapped it around the tree and we could both hear the tree cracking, and so it was okay, and he told me what to do. can you take this rope, and he was very calm. he was really good. can you take this rope and wrap it around that tree. >> katherine security the ferry with the help of the captain's instructions. she alone had climbed the tree across the creek. >> they couldn't -- if they could have crossed the creek, they would have been there too. >> roughly 20 minutes later
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support arrived. these individuals stood in the line with their hands extended and guided the passengers to safety. >> the ferry is being repaired now and is expected to be fixed over the weekend. this isn't the first time white's ferry broke from its cable. it happened almost exactly five years ago. police interview revealed, hear what the baltimore officer on trial said about freddie gray after his deadly ride. >> plus there's no toasting these cs. they went on a free shopping spree down the alcohol
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. today jurors heard from the officer on trial in freddie gray's death. prosecutors played a taped police interview of william porter where he told investigators he did not believe gray was truly hurt. the baltimore sun reports porter said he knew gray from previous interactions, and that he had a reputation for being difficult during arrests. an assistant state medical examiner testified today, and used the word kinked when describing gray's spinal cord. porter is charged with involuntary manslaughter, assault and misconduct in office. first this week's historic decision on women in the military, now the white house says it is considering whether to make women eligible for the military draft. this in light of the pentagon's announcement yesterday that women will have the opportunity to serve in all combat roles. currently most men between the ages of 18 and 26 must register for the draft, but women are
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exempt. police in fairfax county looking for two shady shoppers who like cheap champagne. and it's cheap because they're stealing it. cue the surveillance photos please. one man donning a baseball cap, his buddy with a flare for fedoras. both like rolling with the 5 finger discount when they hit the booze aisle at wegmans this daring duo has load add shopping cart full of the bubbly and strolled out of the store. this young fellow here, he decided to drop in at the budweiser brewery in st. louis. trouble is he didn't have an invitation. so police charged him with trespassing and resisting arrest. what was he doing at budweiser. his first name is bud, his last
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name is weisser, bud weisser. you've got to wonder if he's been hanging out with the wrong crowd, you know, sam adams and that st. polly girl. there was definitely a wrong crowd at this place. >> that was a letdown, total letdown. definitely a wrong crowd at this place, a north carolina mansion owned by former carolina panther jeff ota. it's been empty for a while until a bunch of teenagers turned it into party central. that's what teenagers do. neighbors complained, cops showed up. kids all over the place, beer everywhere. they shut it down. no more party central. and no party in buffalo because they haven't seen any snow. >> and of course sure buffalo's claim to fame are those wings, but the claim to fame runner up has to be the snow and so far they've got zilch. >> i'm sure they're broken up about it. >> today buffalo broke a record that stretches back to 1899.
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that's the last time this city went late into the year without any measurable snow. what do the people there think. it depends on whether you see the snow shovel half empty or half full. >> beautiful day. i couldn't ask for a better day, and especially in december and buffalo of all places. >> i miss the snow. i want to ski. i want to walk in the woods. i would like to be able to cut a christmas tree when there's snow on the ground. >> she is tougher than we are, and it's all good. that's why she's in buffalo and we're here. she's got to get used to that green grass. forecasters say there is no snow in the works for at least the next week. >> there has to be an economic impact. it's hurting those seasonal employees who are driving the plows and doing all those things. the person whose window might be getting the hurt by the fact there's no snow. >> adam you're so right. >> i showed this to you earlier, it a's picture. it's only 125 miles as the crow
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flies from d. c. they average 140 inches of snow a year. they had their first inch of snow on the 3rd of this month. >> i'm ready for ski season. >> it looks like you sprinkled baby powder around it. >> that's the latest they've ever had an inch of snow. 3-degree guarantee, it felt pretty good. we did okay today. we went for a high in the low 50s to mid-50s, 52, and a high was 53, not bad, 1 degree off. i'm going to go 54 tomorrow, i thought about lowering it to 53. we'll go 54 with sunshine. a live look outside. 41 right now, the dew points have come up. we understand that so that's a good indication, probably nothing below 36 downtown. winds are dead calm, and pressure actually is steady. mild days and cold nights ahead. super saturday and sunday. i mean just super with light winds. that's the key. it's going to stay mild i think all of next week, maybe even 60 before the week is out. some showers are possible thursday. i'm not even sold on that.
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we may have another dry week. good time to wash a car and purchase a christmas tree and get the lights up. 32 at 7:00 on futurecast tomorrow morning in gaithersburg, 32 in bowie and 31 in manassas and fairfax. by lunchtime upper 40s. 49 downtown, 46 in annapolis, good day to be on the water with light winds. 49 in fredericksburg. we make it to the low 50s but then at 5:00 we start going the other direction. that's what we're talking about, you know, mild days but cold, cold nights still. 45 in gaithersburg at 5:00, 47 in frederick and 47 in leesburg. probably by 10:00 temps start to fall. 35 in frederick, 38 in silver spring. this is at 10:00 tomorrow night, 34 in manassas. mild days but cold nights. so on the day planner, 30s to start, even downtown, and then 41 at 9:00, 47 at 11, and 50 by
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1:00, which is worrying me a little bit. i'm going to keep my 54, check in with howard tomorrow night and see how we did. sunday nice, 55. monday nice, 55. a few more clouds on monday but dry for the game. tuesday pleasant, mid-50s, mid- 50s wednesday, mid-50s thursday, maybe some showers thursday. not a huge deal: and look at that. 60, milder next friday. high school football, listen, we know henry wise has a strong team, right. turns out they got strong coaches too. look at this video. this is what an assistant coach does when your 325-pound lineman is hurt and no one is strong enough to get him on the cart. you just do it yourself. >> gosh look at
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> numbers to get you started tonight henry wise has won its game by an average of 39 points meaning howard high school had its work cut out for tonight in 4a championship. howard university would have had a tough time against wise
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tonight. sorry. to m&t bank stadium we go, wise fans, the puma nation traveling, howard high they tried to fight the jabar yan laws. 39 yards today monohayes. he blasts into the end zone, a buck 53 on 19 carries, 5 touchdowns. now watch michael clark, obviously a fan of missy elliott. he has puts his thang down, flips it and reverses it here. he's not done, look at that, they can't bring the guy down, 53 yards, wise wins its second title in four years, 55-6, and here comes the trophy, of course, delong parish and crew loving what they have going on. there's the trophy and there it goes. 55-6, grace olson with more. >> an undefeated season was perfected here tonight in baltimore. the wise pumas a team that averaged 41 points per game
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this season again displayed their sense of prowess rolling up 395 total yards of offense and 55 points against the howard lions. >> what has it taken this season to cap an undefeated season. >> just hard work and dedication. we had to reinvent ourselves. we went back to the drawing board. we see things that we did wrong, how we can make ourselves more explosive and we are dedicated. don't have no fear in trying something different. >> especially to come out and do this and give this performance, my last, my last game with the team, it's very emotional. >> we promised our coach that we were going to win. we did it. it's just a great feeling right now. >> this was the puma's second title in four years, and extra sweet for head coach delon parish who coached against his alma mater, girasoleson wusa9 sports. what a bizarre scene on
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wednesday at the vers center. wizards seemed mesmerized. kobe bryant stealing the show. many wondering where was the wizard's effort. the lakers shouldn't be beating the wizards. bradley beal just 2 for 14 in his last couple of games. 4th quarter wizards have been down by 9, but otto porter said i've been taking weight protein and i'm strong. the and 1, wizards take their first lead since 2-0. back to beal, look at him here in this i-495 bumper-to-bumper traffic, wizards rally 109-106. maryland stuff for you adam, terps -- look at d. j. derkin your new football coach. >> st. francis had about as much chance of winning this game as i do at having a late life growth spurt. >> okay. >> not a very good chance. maryland wins 96-55. >> all right. >> maryland soccer loses
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tonight at clemson, but good night overall for maryland. >> maryland's going to fall in the rankings next week. >> picked you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. gorgeous weekend, sunshine, near 5 saturday, around 55 sunday. we're oak monday for the game. a few more clouds on monday. still pretty nice and then we're going to keep it in the mid-50s to 60s all of next week. >> it's a miracle. >> st. francis still lost but dave owens did
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